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Holiday Cheer for Casino Workers Everywhere

Thank You
Thank You (Photo credit: mandiberg)

Today is the beginning of the biggest holiday weekend of 2013, and my (party) hat’s off to all of you who are wearing casino name tags, big smiles, and (soon) party hats.  December 31st is the Black Friday of gambling, when all your best players vie for the best room in your hotel and the best seat in your fanciest restaurant.   Reservations agents, banquets teams, casino hosts, players club reps, cage cashiers, servers, and dishwashers alike are preparing themselves for the big night: New Year’s Eve.

Having been there, it seemed appropriate to say this now, while you’re gearing up for it…and please share it with whomever you feel deserves to hear it, too.  Please.

  • Thank you for working so hard while many people are enjoying time off with family and friends.
  • Thank you for saying in an extremely nice tone of voice the things the guests want to hear rather than shouting the stuff that first crossed your mind.
  • Thank you for picking up extra duties when crunch time hits and your help makes all the difference.
  • Thank you for never letting them see you sweat the small stuff!
  • Thank you for all the small “miracles” you will perform for your guests over the next few days.  You’ll make more than one person happy, and that’s awesome.
  • Thank you for placing tablecloths, flowers, party favors, plastic champagne flutes, is sculptures, delicious foods and gorgeous centerpieces in beautiful arrangements for your guests.
  • Thank you for wearing your party dresses and nicest suits to work on the big night.
  • Thank you for all you will do to ensure this is a great and memorable event for your guests, your co-workers, and yourself.

Take a moment during the madness to reflect on the fun that is going on around you, smile knowingly, then get back into the fray.  The gratitude will give you a boost, and the smile will make people wonder what you’re up to.  That’s a win.

Seriously, thank you.  Thanks to each and every one of you.