How Do You Know How You’re Doing?

A host I know lost his job because he failed to meet his goals in his first quarter at a new property. Sadly, he says he was never told that he had only one quarter to prove that he could achieve goals. Not only that, he added that no one gave him a progress update during that first quarter. Not once. Can you believe it? It’s bad enough to feel as though you’ve failed because you missed a target, but imagine losing your job due to your very first failure to achieve your goals.

Let’s imagine for a moment that you are an Ace Casino Host. You do the work you have been asked to do: you return calls, host player events, talk to people, resolve issues, make reservations, answer questions and represent your property like a pro…but how are you doing?

Can you confidently say, at any point in any day, how you are tracking to achieve the goals you’ve been working toward? Do you have to rely on a gut feeling that you’re generating enough revenue to hit your theoretical target? Do you have a way to look it up or calculate it? Are you supposed to bring back folks who haven’t visited lately? How about new club sign-ups or high-worth recent new members? Have you signed up or brought back in enough players to reach the goal? Can you check?

During your team meetings, are you asked how you’re doing? Does someone tell you? Do you write it down, track your activity, and see the ebb and flow of your guest’s visits and play history? If someone asked you to demonstrate your contribution to the company’s goals, could you do it? Do you know which of your daily tasks are the most important or upon which ones you should focus today to remain on course to achieve your goals and objectives?

In order to understand how to reach your destination, you must first be aware of where you are and how best to navigate your way. Then, you can know what obstacles are in your path, use the right strategies to circumvent them, and make steady progress to the finish line. Do you have these essential touchpoints? If not, how do you keep yourself on target?

In order to have a productive day, an Ace Casino Host needs to understand which players should be his priority contacts. To do his job most effectively, that host needs context for each contact. You handle each player differently because they are individuals, and you approach them differently based on the reason for the contact. Right?

So, would any of the following be useful to you, Ace Casino Host?

  • A daily update on your theoretical for the goal period to date
  • A progress report on metrics upon which you could earn a bonus
  • A list of players who haven’t made a trip recently and need a call
  • Players who haven’t made trips as frequently as they used to
  • Newly coded players with whom you haven’t yet made contact
  • Brand-new club members who played well when they signed up
  • Players who have a birthday or other occasion coming up soon
  • Good players who haven’t played as well lately
  • Okay players who have played better recently

Wouldn’t it be awesome if this information was available to you every day? What if it was delivered automatically, waiting in your email inbox, without your having to lift a finger? Or, even better, what if you could log in and see this information whenever it’s convenient for you, and you could quickly note that you had made the call or booked the guest?

It can be.  Harvest Trends can help your property configure a PowerHost program specific to your goals and objectives.  Ask us how.


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