You Don’t Have to be a Director to Provide Direction


It really doesn’t matter what your job title is, you are responsible for directing something during your day.  Maybe you direct a guest to the hotel elevator.  You could be asked to train a new co-worker.  Perhaps you are in a leadership role, but you aren’t “the decider.”  Whatever you do for a paycheck on a daily basis, you can provide direction in your role at work.

How?  It starts with understanding what you and your team are charged with getting done.  Then, observe the processes and procedures with which things actually get done (or not).   Surely there are things you do each day that aren’t being done as efficiently as they could be.  Maybe there are tasks that just don’t make sense to you. If you deal with guests directly, make note of the feedback you get from them, giving special attention to things you hear more than a handful of times, particularly if the same comment comes from a variety of guests.  Put on your thinking cap, come up with some ideas for making everyone’s life easier, and share them with your boss.

Think all the way through the idea, ask some trusted co-workers for their input, and decide on the best way to communicate your suggestion.  THAT is providing direction.  Additionally,  you benefit from any improvements that may come as a result of your idea.  This is direction that directly affects how readily you and your co-workers are able to accomplish your tasks, objectives, and goals.


2 thoughts on “You Don’t Have to be a Director to Provide Direction”

    1. Thank you, my dear. I try to be inclusive of everyone when I can…though you know my first love is Casino Player Development. Much love to you and Jack. I miss you both!

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