Define “lost”

Is your Casino Host team lost?  Do they know when and where to turn? Are they contacting the right players for the right reasons or do they count on “the usual suspects” to fill your events and hit their numbers?  Does everyone on the team know where they stand in terms of goal achievement?  Is there a clear path for them to take in order to reach their goals?

Road blocked by landslide

An old friend once suggested that the difference between “lost” and “temporarily misplaced” is roughly half a tank of fuel.

That means if you aren’t sure where you are or which way to turn, some careful observation and  the courage to drive around a bit combine to improve the odds you’ll reach your destination without much fuss.

In Casino Player Development, it’s much the same.  Understanding the destination (goal) and one’s current location (pace) enables the driver (team leader or host) to find the quickest and most efficient course to the finish line. Now, imagine driving around a vaguely familiar city with an appointment at a location you have never before visited, and you do not have a navigation assist of any kind.  Your knowledge of the city is enough to get you to the right part of town, but there’s a lot to keep track of as you look for the right street.  There’s traffic all around you, signs to read, signals you must obey, noise, and sometimes there’s even road construction or detours.  If you’re doing it alone without a reference, it can be both difficult and frustrating. Time is of the essence, and if you don’t have a map, GPS or navigation app, you might not make it in time. If you’re having trouble focusing on the right things, you might even end up in a fender bender. That’s no good.

Many Player Development pros in the casino world have been driving around without GPS for far too long. It’s difficult and frustrating to work so hard, and try to make all the right turns and still not make it to your destination in time. It is demoralizing to finally reach your destination and discover you were five minutes late, so have lost the opportunity and will have to reschedule. Sadly, it happens a lot.

Just like in the auto industry, there are advancements that will help your team reach the destination with time to spare.  HostMAPP and Host GPS (featuring the Daily Action Plan) can provide your team with the directions they need to arrive right where they are supposed to be. With more new resources hitting the marketplace every day (it seems), don’t you want to know if the right solution for your team is available?

We’d love to hear what you use to keep your team from getting lost (or stuck in the weeds).


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